Thursday, June 04, 2015

TBT - Norfolk Broads - Messing About in Boats

Norfolk Broads in England - probably 1985.

Must have been the same week as the photo in this quiz.

For those how have never heard of the Norfolk Broads they are here…

The Norfolk Broads are a network of navigable rivers and lakes in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

A great area for yachting and motor-cruising and generally messing about in boats.

My sons and I would have been about the same age as my two oldest grandsons and their father are now.

Life is good.


JP said...

I once hire a dinghy and went sailing on the broads. The wind died and I ended up drifting in the middle of the river in the way of a number of annoyed motor cruisers and had to get a couple of kids to tow me back.

Tillerman said...

So funny JP. And you a hard core ocean racer and Arctic explorer too! How embarrassing.

As you can see my sailing dinghy had oars.

JP said...

It was good preparation for how even the simplest sail can go wrong - after all, we needed a tow out of Kangerdulgssuaq Fjord after we had engine failure.

Tillerman said...

Kangerdulgssuaq! Easy for you to say.

JP said...

I just cut and paste but call it "Kanger-something where Robin Knox-Johnston went climbing"

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