Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Another Tiller

Tiller Extension #1

Must have been 1979, I guess.

Tiller Extension #1 on the patio of our house in Maidenhead, England.

I am called Tillerman because I steer a boat with a tiller.

Tillerwoman is called Tillerwoman because she is married to me and because she is an avid gardener. She tills the soil.

I hadn't started sailing in 1979. That came a few years later.

But here is photographic evidence that Tiller Extension #1 was interested in gardening - also known as playing with dirt - at an early age. He was probably "helping" his mother to plant some flowers around the patio. He didn't take up sailing for another 6 or 7 years.

He's still sailing.

He's still gardening.

Tillerwoman grows vegetables in raised beds.

Tiller Extension #1 grows vegetables in raised beds too.

A raised bed made by Tiller Extension #1

Tiller Extension #1 is a better sailor than me.

I think he would concede that his mother is a better gardener than him.  But they do learn things from each other. They are both better gardeners than me.

And here is the same little dude again at his 15 year college reunion last weekend.

Tiller Extension #1 in his college reunion photo

Can you spot which one is him?

Hint: He's not carrying a trowel or wearing a blue cardigan.


Baydog said...

Right up front in the red polo. Easy. I know someone who lives in Maidenhead....

Tillerman said...

Well done Baydog. He knows how to stand out in a crowd doesn't he?

A bit of a fashion rebel - like me in this photo.

Baydog said...

Wattis wrong with wearing orange?

Tillerman said...

Cremer is the Newt white.

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