Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Big Sunday - RS Aeros in Big Waves

On the third day of the RS Aerocup in Barcelona last weekend, the racing was cancelled because of strong onshore winds stirring up huge waves in the harbor entrance. It was feared that any boats that capsized while sailing out of the harbor would be quickly smashed into the rocks.

That did not deter six confident RS Aero sailors from going out for a blast in the waves anyway. The videographer SBG Films captured a number of still shots of "Big Sunday." Here is a sample. I think they are probably the best photos so far of RS Aeros sailing in waves.

Click on an image for a larger view!

International RS Aero class manager Peter Barton reported...
With the waves rebounding off the marina wall they were quite irregular with the occasional big one as they combined to double - it felt like free fall a couple of times! I expected some nose dives but only once when I was coming out of a gybe did a wave come over the bow downwind, the bow popped straight up and the water cleared quickly.

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my2fish said...

That last picture is awesome - no boat, no sailor... just a random RS Aero sail making its way around the water.

Tillerman said...

Indeed. Reminds me a bit of my first trip to Cabarete. Check out some of the photos on Broken Record.

The first photo makes me wonder what happens next. That wave breaks over the guy holding the camera? The RS Aero sailor lands on top of the guy holding the camera?

Good to know that RS Aeros perform well in big waves.

Unknown said...

Just came across this post. Wow! Those sailors have guts!! Any video of the event?

Tillerman said...

There is a video of the event that was posted on the RS Sailing and RS Aero Class Facebook pages Dion. I have shared it with you on FB.

The video posted doesn't include any footage of "Big Sunday." There is a comment from Peter Barton on FB that "video was difficult in the chop"! But these stills are pretty impressive I think?

Unknown said...

No doubt. The stills are indeed fantastic. They just left me wanting more. Looks like one of the sailors who braved the waves is a woman (blue sleeves on her shirt). Just thought that was notable. They're all gutsy for going out in those conditions, and it's cool to see a woman among them.

Tillerman said...

Yes, I believe that is Hilde van Susante from the Netherlands.

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