Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Bitter End Yacht Club 2011

This is one of my favorite photos of me sailing.

Or should I say "not actually sailing?"

This embarrassing incident happened during my stay at Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVI in December 2011.

I was racing in the Laser regatta on my first Sunday there. I won the first race. Then in the second race a squall came through and my mast broke on a beat. Of course I fell out of the boat.

"Luckily" the official photographer was on hand to capture this photo just as my little head in my favorite orange sailing cap popped up out of the water.

Tillerwoman insisted on buying a 12x8 print of this image (the one with the broken mast - not the one of the orange cap) to frame and hang on the wall at home.

For the record, I was towed back to shore, got myself a new rig, came back to the racing, and won the bottle of rum awarded for first place Laser.

Yes, the photo of me and my broken mast has been posted once or twice on the blog before.

There may have even been a picture or two of bottles of rum here before.

I am allowed to do that on Throwback Thursday.

I really need to get back to BEYC some time soon.

Anyone up for a sailing bloggers' reunion there?

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