Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Reasons to go to 2017 Laser Masters Worlds - #3 See-Through Toilet Doors

Continuing our series of reasons to go to the 2017 Laser Masters Worlds in Adelaide, assuming they will be in Adelaide which may just be an Internet myth but they ought to be in Adelaide because I am finding all sorts of cool reasons to go to Adelaide...

#3 is so you can check out the see-through doors on the toilet stalls at the pub in the Kent Hotel in Adelaide.

Yes, apparently it's a real thing.

The whole joint sounds like a pretty wild place because it also has a jungle (above) and a dunk tank.

Supposedly the theory is that the stall doors cloud over when you lock them. But at least one reviewer says they didn't work on the day they were there (or perhaps ever?)  And I also found one report that said they only cloud over to be opaque one way so you can see out while you are sitting on the toilet but nobody can see you.


Is this one of those tall stories that Aussies like to tell unsuspecting Poms and Yanks?

Sadly I couldn't find any pictures online of the see-through toilet doors at the Kent Hotel. I guess Aussies are too shy to take selfies in public bathrooms.  But apparently other places do have something similar.


These ones are at the Cafe Diglas in Vienna.

But who wants to go sailing in Vienna when you could be sailing in Adelaide?


Barubi said...

A more sailing oriented reason to visit South Australia is the Lake Eyre Yacht Club (http://www.lakeeyreyc.com). Not entirely an Aussie hoax, however it is 15 metres below sea level.
I would also encourage every former Britisher to visit Maralinga (http://www.maralingatours.com.au/tour/).

Tillerman said...

Thanks Barubi. Now we have 5 reasons to go to the 2017 Laser Masters Worlds if they are in Adelaide.

Al Sargent said...

FWIW, I've heard that 2017 Masters Worlds is not in Australia, but rather in Croatia in September.

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