Monday, May 02, 2016

Why I Changed My Name This Weekend

I have been called lots of things in my 67 years on this planet.

My parents gave me a first name which I have never liked very much.

I do have a middle name but I like that even else.

At the school I attended from ages 10 to 17 - what was known as a grammar school in England - I was called by my last name. That was the way in boys' schools in England in those days. That was OK. I have a nice simple English last name which only Americans manage to spell wrongly.

My wife has called me all sorts of things but we don't need to go into that.

I have been called all sorts of things when racing my Laser too.

And here in the blogosphere I go by Tillerman, of course.

Ten years ago, I became Granddad and I thought that was the coolest name ever.

Until this weekend.

We have been in Connecticut celebrating the 2nd birthday of my youngest grandchild, Juliet. That's her on the right in the photo with her big sister Isabel.

Juliet is talking up a storm these days, learning new words and expressions almost every day it seems. Perhaps it was the kids' TV program we watched together about circles and squares and rectangles, and concepts like small, medium and big, but whatever the reason she suddenly decided to call me Big Granddad!!!

It is true that I am a few inches taller than her other grandfather, and Juliet is a very observant child.

I do like my new name.

I am Big Granddad.

Who are you?


Tillerman said...

Bad news from rainy Connecticut! My granddaughters have decided to rename me Silly Granddad.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

Skippy said...

If you read Pyle it makes sense.
I am Big John. 25 years later they are 6-8" taller than me.

Anonymous said...

I blog as my2fish, but my name is Thad. I am often called Todd. Or Chad. Or Ted. Probably a few more. Thad is a weird name, I guess.

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