Saturday, May 07, 2016

Tips That Could Save Your Life - Or Your Kids' Lives

Two of my favorite bloggers have recently posted some excellent - potentially life saving - advice.

Improper Course
The blogger formerly known as /Pam (now apparently just simply Pam) at Improper Course tells the amazing story of what happened to Peter Stephinson at the Laser Masters Radial Worlds in Mexico - Sailor Down!

Peter is the Aussie Laser foiling guy.

Sounds like he had a heart attack while sailing, died in the emergency clinic, and was brought back to life by the staff there. The step by step descriptions of how he felt as his condition progressed should be a warning to us all.

Peter figures he had about an hour and a half of warning signs before things got really bad. Something I will bear in mind if I ever feel the same symptoms.

Best wishes to Peter on a full recovery and being able to get out sailing again soon.

Do you sail with little kids?

Do you cruise with little kids?

Then check out "Aren't You Worried about Them Falling Overboard?" Real and Imagined Fears of Living Aboard with Three Toddlers by Brittany at Windtraveler who lives on a 44 ft boat with her husband and their three little girls age four and under.

Brittany discusses the precautions they take to keep their girls safe in various situations, while still allowing kids to be kids who enjoy exploring the world around them. Much food for thought even if you decide on managing safety for kids on your boat in slightly different ways.

Warning: Windtraveler has hundreds of photos of three seriously cute kids.

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Doug / Pam said...

Thanks for posting this as we can all learn from Peter's experience.

Born again Pedro kept us in constant contact and has made a remarkable recovery. He said that the medical care he received was first class.

And just before he left for home, he was asked to give a talk to the medical staff about the warning signs and what it felt like to have a heart attack. And he's already the subject of an upcoming medical seminar in Australia.

Sounds like many will benefit from his experience.

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