Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It's funny what people remember about my blog.

Yesterday I travelled to the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and for the next five days I will be taking part in various RS Aero activities, a two day clinic, a long downwind race, a speed challenge, and two days of racing for the RS Aero US National Championship.

I met up yesterday evening with some sailors I knew from my trip to the Gorge last year, and a few new faces, and we had dinner at the Red Bluff Tap House in Stevenson. Inevitably one of the sailors had read my blog and was telling the others about one of his favorite posts Laser Sailing: The Rules - which is really a disrespectful and profane guide to Laser sailing culture and etiquette. He particularly liked Rules 16-20 which are all about how to not look like a dork. Or maybe he really liked the photo of fellow sailing blogger, Tweezerman, looking like a dork.

Sorry Tweezerman. Apparently you are famous in the Pacific North West.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Maybe even some sailing posts.


Alden Smith said...

It's good to see someone else wearing knee pads - I don't feel such a dork myself. I took to wearing them recently when after a very painful set of races I damaged a knee bursa which was very painful and took a long time to heal.

In the my last winter race I took the sponge out of my knee pads and simply placed them inside my tight fitting sailing trousers over my knees - I found this more effective as the sponge protection didn't move around, as the external knee pads do.

Tillerman said...

If I ever write RS Aero Sailing: The Rules I will have address the issue of knee pads. They are quite popular with Aero sailors on account of the very aggressive non-skid surfaces on the cockpit floor. On the other hand, our coach at the clinic yesterday was preaching that we shouldn't be on our knees anyway and that a much better position for downwind sailing is to have our weight balanced on our feet and "bum." He even advocated sailing with bare knees from time to time to check out our technique. If you sail with bare knees for a day and come back with bloody knees you are not doing it right!

Rule 18: Sail with bare knees. HTFU. You should not need telling again.

Tweezerman said...

Actually a very apropos post that when I saw it had me chuckling away. I had just spent the day on a software install/upgrade which wasn't a simple click and done - I had to go into coder mode (I'm not a coder or IT guy at all) - you know caffeine/chocolate fueled google this, google that, false start here, WTF error message (this is equivalent of me doing plumbing work). I got it done after a fashion and read your post - which banished the frazzled grey cells into a smile.

Your post hit the funny bone. Thanks. I'm glad I could be of service. Good luck with your prancing steed on the Gorge (I assume). I've been sailing around on lead mines but will follow your exploits vicariously.

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