Thursday, August 25, 2016

You Saw it First in Rhode Island

On Monday, Tillerwoman and I took the High Speed Ferry from Fall River to Block Island to visit my son and his family, and play with our granddaughters on the beach.

On the way there and back on the ferry we saw a couple of sights which I suspect will become more common across the country in the coming years. 

1. America's First Offshore Wind Farm
The builders are just in the process of completing the construction of America's first offshore wind farm at Block Island. It is due to start generating power in October.

2. VX Evos 
Coming back into Newport in the evening we saw some VX Evos racing off Goat Island, along with at least one VX One and some other boat (a Melges 20?) The VX Evo is a new single-hander from Bennett Yachting designed for larger sailors. I think there are only six VX Evos in the country so far but I suspect many more are on the way. It's good to seem them already racing in Newport.


You saw it first in Rhode Island.


Unknown said...

I don't see any particular merit to the VX Evo, except that it is beautiful. At 180 pounds it is no match for the Aero for an athletic sailing experience. However, it may find a niche market.

Tillerman said...

It takes all sorts. Some folk like to drive a little sports car. Others like a big heavy pick up truck. Apples and Oranges.

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