Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RS Aeros and Whaleboats

On Saturday I sailed a regatta for RS Aeros and Azorean whaleboats.

I know. It sounds surreal. It was.

21st century sailing dinghy meets traditional wooden working boat.

The regatta was hosted by the Low Tide Yacht Club in New Bedford, MA - once the center of the American whaling industry and home to a proud Portuguese immigrant population from the Azores.

I still am not sure exactly what happened.

We RS Aero sailors were paired with whaleboats.

The whaleboats rowed one course. We RS Aeros sailed another course.

Somehow the cumulative score of a whaleboat and an RS Aero decided the event.

One of my friends was paired with Pico, one of the boats in the video above.

I was paired with "A Gig" whatever that means.

I still have no idea which team won.

But it was fun, which is all that really matters.

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Tillerman said...

Just heard that whaleboat Pico and my friend Judith Krimski won the combined whaleboat rowing and sailboat sailing event. Awesome.

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