Monday, September 05, 2016

I Guess I Won't Be Getting an Invitation to His Inauguration?

What is going on?

Last week I made it big in Sailing World.

Next thing I know, Donald Trump is hating me on Twitter.


Drwatershed said...

That is the a good example of the pot calling the kettle black. Or Bozo calling your nose red.

Tillerman said...

Good point Drwatershed. Whatever else you can say about him, the Donald is not really a facts guy.

But I do admit that some of my stories on this blog do stretch the truth a tiny little bit.

John said...

Is he a Laser sailor? He must have read one of your "RSAero is better than a Laser" blogs and is firing back.

Tillerman said...

What do you mean. I wrote a post about why a Laser is better than an RS Aero.

Doesn't the Donald have a home in Palm Beach? We should invite him to the RS Aero Midwinters there.

O Docker said...

I think you're reading the Donald all wrong. His tweet means he values your opinions.

All of his top advisers are overrated clowns who speak without knowing the facts.

Tillerman said...

You could be right O Docker. Maybe he wants to hire me for his campaign?. Chief social media influencer for the "building a beautiful wall" niche perhaps? I will drop him a tweet.

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