Wednesday, September 14, 2016

RS Aeros at the Gorge 2016

Here is a superb video produced by Yannick Gloster of one of the lighter wind days during the RS Aero US Nationals at the Gorge this year.

Check out the gybe by the handsome fellow with sail number 2017 at 1:43.

There are also some excellent close-ups of other much better sailors (even they are not quite so handsome as #2017) that are very good examples of how to sail the Aero well.

What can we learn from this video?

What looks fast, and what doesn't?

What did Tillerman have for lunch?


Damian said...

Is this some kind of joke?

You describe this video as "superb", but I've watched it carefully and I can't see a single shot of your feet or knees. Very, very disappointing.

On a less serious note, I did notice some nice footage of sailing boats.

(BTW, does your sail number represent the year that you've set aside to win the US Nationals?)

Tillerman said...

I am sorry you were disappointed Damian. I was wearing some long Zhik neoprene micro fleece pants for sailing at the Gorge and so unfortunately there were no shots of my knees or my feet in this video.

However for the thousands of fans all over the world who only come to this blog to see my lower limbs, I am pleased to let you know that Sailing World, the top sailing magazine in North America, recently published an article titled The Next Big Thing which has a very good photo of my totally naked right calf and shin. Check it out.

Damian said...

Thanks Mr T. - it is indeed an excellent photo. The article is very good too, which was a nice bonus.

Tillerman said...

Oh yeah, they mentioned me in the article too. But I know that what all my groupies really want to see is my naked flesh. Such is the price of being an Internet boat porn megastar.

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