Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas Song from RS Sailing

Looks like the team at RS Sailing in the UK had a lot of fun making a video of their version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

I recognize a couple of the culprits in the front row. That's Ben Rolfe - UK RS Aero Class Social Secretary - in the red white and blue sweater, second from the left in the front row. And Riki Hooker - International Sales Director for RS Sailing - in fine voice on Ben's left. Riki came out to the US RS Aero Nationals at the Gorge in August to meet North American RS Aero sailors and learn more about how he could help grow the class here.

I am afraid I can't catch all the words of this song. It sounds like it may have been recorded after they all went down to the local pub for a few pints on the last working day before the Christmas weekend.

But I did hear loud and clear the line, "FIVE AAAA-EEER-OS!"

What an excellent idea.

I definitely need five RS Aeros for Christmas.

  • One at the lake club.
  • One at the bay club.
  • One in the garage on a trailer to take out for practice in other places.
  • One to save for important regattas.
  • And one to lend to friends.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Or maybe six?


Unknown said...

A merry everything and happy everything else to you and yours! =^..^=

Tillerman said...

Thanks Unknown. There are estimated to be about 4,200 different religions in the worlds so assuming that they all have at least one major holy day per year, then the chances are that every day is a merry something or other to someone somewhere.

Indeed today, Dec 27, is the feast of the Blessed Francesco Spoto so Merry Blessed Francesco Spoto to you and yours.

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