Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump Picks RS Aero Sailor as Secretary of State

The news is out!

On this blog my son is usually known as Tiller Extension #1, but his real name (as Tillerman's son) is of course, Tillerson.

And the news has just been made public!  Donald Trump has selected Tillerson to be his Secretary of State.

I am so proud, not only for my son's amazing achievement but also for the whole RS Aero Class.

In a brief statement, Mr. Trump explained his reasons for his choice of Tillerson to be the USA's top diplomat.

I have chosen one of the truly great sailing leaders of the world, Tillerson, to be Secretary of State. Tillerson is like, smart. Like me. He must be smart. All sailors are like, smart. But Tillerson sails an RS Aero. Not one of those Sunfish or Lasers that are made in China. That makes him like, super-smart. We need to make America great again and bring jobs back from China. We need super-smart players like Tillerson to make smart deals. The people we have making deals now are stupid. Tillerson has vast international experience. His mother was born in Australia. I love Australians. Australians are like, smart people. Tillerson will bring back 70,000 factories to the US and make Mexico pay for a huge wall to keep out the bad hombres. 


George A said...

Finally--we know your first name: Tiller. Tiller Tillerman; a bit odd but at least things work out for your son. In a patronymic naming system which adds a suffix rather than a prefix to the father's name that's the way it is. Now we're left with the task of guessing his first name. Perhaps, Uffa, or Ulf or Jesper. It'll come to me sooner or later.

Skippy said...

'But' is a little known prefix that is one of the strongest Pokemaons in the deck.

Drwatershed said...

I would trust your son sight unseen over any of Trump's picks. Any RS Aero, Laser(Torch) or even Force Five sailor for that matter. As long as they know the racing rules and when to do their turns. By definition anyone who sails those boats won't be a billionaire.

Tillerman said...

I wouldn't be so sure of your last claim Drwatershed. I know of one billionaire who sailed in the Laser Masters Worlds.

And based on somewhat circumstantial evidence I have a suspicion that another billionaire has bought a couple of RS Aeros.

But certainly no billionaire would buy a Force 5!

Dieharddinghysailor said...


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