Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Skip's Blog

There aren't many high quality blogs by racing sailors out there. But I found an excellent one the other day... The Skip's Blog. It's written by a J24 sailor from Toronto and is fast becoming one of the best sources of racing instruction in the blogosphere.

He has recorded in the blog post-race analysis of races he sailed this year with comprehensive information on wind shifts, courses and all significant events, good and bad, during each race. Each report includes a chart of the race area with a compass rose. I know I ought to do a better job of analyzing each of my races if I want to identify weaknesses and work on them. His example might actually inspire me to take some action.

Many of his posts such as Thinking Inside The Box cover advice on racing techniques that is original as far as I know. At least it's not stuff that I've come across in that form before. And I'm a voracious reader of any scraps of information that might be of help to me on the racecourse.

And he's also built a set of links to all sorts of useful racing resources on a diverse set of subjects including weather, sail trim, rigging and tuning and all sorts of other good stuff. Many of these are new to me so I'm slowly working my way through them and learning all kinds of good stuff.

Not to mention he's also compiled a list of other sailing, racing blogs. And surprise, surprise... Proper Course made the list. What a guy!


the skip said...

Thank you Tillerman for the kind words. Proper Course is on my blog (as it should be)...and in my bookmarks!

Thanks again for the write up. Glad to have you back again. BTW just wanted to say...yet again...loved the Superfluidity post.

EVK4 said...

Hey, I'm on there too, must be because I'm linked from a high-quality site like this one!

I've found two other sites that I like Eli Boat and Sailing Dog. I haven't linked to Eli yet but Sailing Dog is some top-level guy racing Etchells, Stars, Farr40, etc.

Tillerman said...

I think Sailing Dog is Andrew Palfram. At the Star NAs and Etchells Worlds he was crewing for Iain Murray who is indeed "some top-level guy" to say the least.

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