Monday, December 04, 2006

Laser Frostbite Conversations

You look pensive.
I was just looking at my compass - do you know which way is south?
Hmmm - well the sun is there, so south is over there.
Not quite. It's that way.
Yeah - I always think that the mainland over there is due north.
And that the river runs north-south, but it doesn't.
So you use a compass for frostbite racing?
Yeah I can never judge headers by looking at landmarks on the shore because they are different at different places on the beat.
Hmmm - good point - maybe I should try using one too. Thanks for the tip.

Will you hold my boat while I take the dollies?
The tide's going out, right?
OK so I don't need to take them too far up the beach.

What are you looking at?
I see your deck is more grey than mine. What year is your boat?
2005. What's yours?
It's in great condition.
Good luck out there.
You too.

So how did you do in that race?
Which way did you go?
Right. I think the tide favors that side.
Yeah, but the wind looked stronger on the left.

Does this race have a time limit?
40 minutes, I think.
What is it now?
About 30 minutes.
Wonder if we will finish on time?
Are we actually racing?
I'm not I'm just drifting in the current.
This is hopeless.
Yeah look at my telltale. Light cassette tape and it's hanging straight down.
Hey, is that a ripple?

We just crossed a current line.
Back there. Look.
Oh yeah.
So what does that mean. Is the current stronger now?
Meaning it's moving us more to the right?
OK - thanks. Hmmm.

Sorry about that incident. I did my circle and recrossed the finish line.
OK - thanks.
I should know by now it's a stupid move to finish on port tack on a short line in a crowded fleet at the port end of the line when the committee boat is there. I did it once last year too. Should have learned my lesson. Duh. Stupid move, I had nowhere to go.
Yeah. I had nowhere to go either. Couldn't avoid you.
That's OK. It was my fault.

You had a good day today.
Yeah - got a new sail - seemed to make the difference.
Maybe it's time I got a new sail too. How often do you change them?
About every two years.
What do you do with the old ones?
Use them for practice.
Give a couple away when I sell an old boat.
Hmmm. Maybe I should change my sail - it's had two years of good use. Actually I think I need a new boat.

Hey, why are you taking your boat home? Don't you know there is racing next week?
Yeah. I'm taking it home to get some practice in on a lake near my home.
Ha. Good answer.
See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive conversation retention

Pat said...

Lordy it'd be nice to have sailable water close to home.

Tillerman said...

Wanna buy a house Pat?

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