Sunday, December 10, 2006

Xmas Gift for Laser Sailors

Everybody loves Laser sailors, right? You know them. They are the tall, sun-tanned, super-fit, handsome, most helpful and friendliest guys at your yacht club. Even those yahoos at Sailing Anarchy love us. Not!

Oh well, if that's not entirely true than everyone who reads this blog loves one particular Laser sailor, right? Your son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. At least one of them must be a Laser sailor. There are a lot of us.

So what are you going to buy your Laser sailor this holiday season? Here is one suggestion that he or she is sure to appreciate.

Laser Clew Sleeve and Hook.

Only recently approved for use on the Laser (after the 1 December 2006 amendment to the Laser Class Rules), the Laser Clew Sleeve is an all-in-one solution to rigging the outhaul and clew tie-down. Produced by Harken, a combination of low friction metal sleeving and a ball bearing block facilitates easy outhaul adjustment, especially in light air. Extensive development went into this particular design, and the hook is designed to not allow unwanted release of the sail while still allowing quick release during rigging and derigging. The makers claim that, even though it is a metal sleeve riding up and down a metal boom, it should not produce any noticeable wear on the surface of the boom. It's brand new. Every Laser sailor will want one. Makes the perfect gift. Available in the USA from APS and other dealers.

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