Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bloggers Dogged by Fog

The second day of qualifying races at the Laser Worlds was a frustrating one for our team of Laser sailing bloggers. The race committee were hoping to run three races but, after a very long day on the water, only managed to achieve one race for each fleet.

Fog rolling over the course and very shifty winds were the culprits. All of our bloggers tell tales of multiple general recalls, abandoned races, marks invisible in the mist, overstanding marks etc. etc. Ugh!

The Australian blogger, Ashley Brunning, made the best of a bad job and scored a 7th place in his fleet, enough to make him top Aussie in the rankings right now. In his account of the day at In rolls the fog he waxes lyrical about what he calls "cliff bars". Maybe they don't have them in Australia because, as all readers of this blog know, they are really Clif Bars - with one F. Someone even wrote a poem about them: Clif Bars.

American blogger Clay Johnson had an even better day scoring a third in his fleet pulling him up to second place overall. In FOGGY Day Two he tells us how, even though he overstood the first mark in the fog, he pulled back from around 15th by sailing a smart second beat. Those compasses sure do help in the fog!

Dominican blogger Raul Aguayo tells us (in Spanish) at FOG-CANADA! how he spent seven hours on the water to complete one race. In spite of "mucha niebla" he finished in 20th which puts him within striking distance of qualifying for the gold fleet if he has another good day today. Animo Raul! A la flota Oro!

Our other Laser sailing bloggers from yesterday must have been too exhausted to post anything last night. I'm not surprised.

Wait a minute. Has anyone seen Colin Cheng?

Oh yes. There he is, in 196024, sailing off into the fog...


Pat said...

No fog in New Mexico. Sunny, blue skies, winds 6-12.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Friday's third race of Clay Johnson's group was canceled. In the reprieve on Saturday he got a BFD. He must be upset, to say it nicely.

tillerman said...

That's yotting fer yer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tillerman,

Loving your blog mate, and loving these 'CLIF bars' here in Canada (I do believe they are from the US). No we don't get them in Australia.

Crazy conditions here at the worlds but keep blogging on it, some funny and informative writing you got going.

Cheers, Ash Brunning

tillerman said...

Thanks for stopping by Ash and congrats on a great day 3 at the Worlds.

Yeah, I checked the Clif Bar website and they don't distribute them outside US, UK and Canada. They are good aren't they? Still my favorite energy bars for sailing and running.

Anonymous said...

Love the Clif Bars ate one before the first ;) had a great day thanks, just need to hang in there now ... check out the photos of the swell here in Halifax !!! EPIC !!! I posted a great photo on the blog ... Biggest wave I have ever seen, highlight of the trip to eclipse all else!

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