Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flying Bob

It is currently looking likely that Hurricane Irene will make landfall in Southern New England on Sunday night while still a Category 1 or 2 Hurricane. I have no experience as to what to expect.

20 years ago this week, Hurricane Bob hit this area. This photo was taken in Boston.


I guess we do need to batten down the hatches. Whatever that means.


Pandabonium said...

Pictured: Hurricane Bob doing pullups - camera held 90°

Best lay low until Bob leaves town.

Sam Chapin said...

Storm surg is the big threat on the coast. Lasers are lucky to be easily moved to high ground away from the water and hopefully in a strong building. Or put it on your car and drive out of the storm area.

Chris said...

Looking at the NOAA images of the storm's projected track and rainfall ( it looks like flooding from rainwater (including river flooding next week) will be part of what we have to deal with, maybe even before the sun comes out again, and into next week. Maybe not of direct interest to Laser sailors, but certainly something to watch out after you survive the storm surge and think "Glad that's over with."

tillerman said...

I am sure you are right Sam and Chris. Our house is high enough above the bay that any storm surge shouldn't bother us. I am more worried about direct damage to the house from high winds or from our neighbors' trees falling in the storm.

PeconicPuffin said...

It means that stuff can fly through the air at 100 miles an hour, Lord T. Also storm surges and such. In my own situation my wife and I have a little house in a "designated flood zone" meaning we're supposed to get seawater in our living room, or something like that. I'm charging the batteries on my cordless tools tonight, and will start using them if/when the mandatory evacuation begins.

THis would have been cool in my 30's or 40's. I'm getting old for it now.

Good luck in Rhode Island!

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