Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kirby Torch Sail

Here is one of the first pictures of the brand new Kirby Torch sailboat released today on the Kirby Torch website.

Here is a close-up of the sail on that "Torch".

And here is a picture of Robert Scheidt sailing a Laser in the 2000 Olympics.

Photo: Katrina Butler -

Notice anything?

Does this mean Robert Scheidt is endorsing the Kirby Torch?

Or does it mean that we will all be able to buy Kirby Torches with replica Olympic sails like those used by our favorite Olympic Laser sailing heroes? Can I be Anna Tunnicliffe?


Anonymous said...

I know you don't like anonymous comments, but under the circumstances.......

Some people in the know living downunder may well know where this boat is. The fact that it made its way to Kirby website is indeed very interesting.

Tillerman said...

There appears to be something even more "interesting" in that first picture but I haven't been able to get a clear enough image when I zoom in to be sure it is what it appears to be.

/Pam said...

You only get to be Anna if you sail in the buff.

I must admit I have questions but I'm not going to be discouraged. I get it. It was an attempt at letting us know he's really planning to move forward with this and this is how the new name is going to look on the same fine boat. I like it even if it might appear that he jumped the gun a little. Doesn't mean PSA doesn't have a bunch of Torches all lined up waiting for their new logos and plaques. It would be a little unwise not to wait for just a month or two more to see if ILCA will reverse course or ocompromise before plunging ahead.

Anonymous said...

This is so weird. First we have a sticker on the Laser/Torch, then it's gone, thanks to some digital editing. And anybody can see this was Scheidt's Olympic Laser.

Conclusion: Scheidt's Laser has been digitally modified into a Torch. But why?

Kirby has been forthcoming up to this point, but now I am beginning to wonder.


Tillerman said...

I'm not entirely sure what happened here.

Maybe they really did put a Kirby Torch logo on a Laser hull that already had a Laser sticker on and then later photoshopped out the sticker.

Or maybe the Torch logo was photoshopped too?

Is there anybody with forensics photographic skills who could tell us?

And is it Scheidt's Laser? It's Scheidt's sail but that could have been put on any hull.

Whatever happened, it seems that we were misled by the leadership of the Kirby Torch Class as to what these photos really were. Why would they do that? As a member of the Kirby Torch Class I find this very troubling.

/Pam said...

I'm fairly confident we'll receive some sort of explanation from the KTC. I'm taking it for what it is ... a first glimpse of what is to come. Having exchanged emails with PSA's Chris Caldecort, I know PSA is supporting Bruce Kirby so I have no doubt that there will be Torches and they will be better made than LP Lasers.

my2fish said...

I for one would prefer that the Tillerman does NOT sail in the buff like Anna.

Drwatershed said...

SO Tillerman you say you are a member of the Torch class as apparently we all can be and for free too, seems a better deal than the Laser Class particularly for old men like me who own old boats. (100541 & 092875). Aside form the legal and royalty issues hasn't the Laser class departed a bit from the Kirby concept, most Laser sailors who compete as you do would never consider racing one of my boats against a "new" boat with all the latest hardware modifications that if you take Kirby's design out of the picture might even become easier to modify? So without a link to the Kirby plan will Laser branded boats still be Lasers in 5 years?

By the way according to the Torch Class rules as published even my boats are legal Kirby Torches all I have to do is paste the logo on the side and sail and I too can sail a Kirby Torch. Maybe Bruce should start marketing the logo kit as a fundraiser instead of T-shirts and belts.

So whether Kirby and his supporters photshopped or pasted, his boats are now Torches. I do agree though that they should actually build some boats and put them up for sale/sail. However, I can see that this may be a bluff to support their legal action and make sure they can make the transition before they make the boat. Either way if we as class members support the original designer should we try to criticize so soon or should we wait till the legal dust settles. I personally have not been happy with ILCA and boat cost issues and parts availability and cost of some of the parts (very important for us old boat owners) and have frequently purchased "club" parts and sails that perform as well on my old boats, for alot less money. Hopefully Bruce will go back to some of his low cost concepts that went along with the original boat. Particularly if they weren't paying Bruce his royalties why was all that Laser Branded stuff so expensive.

Tillerman said...

I am a member of all three "Laser" classes. One of them charges a modest annual fee but actually does stuff that is useful to me. The others are free and haven't done anything useful for me yet.

Peter said...

First I want to apologize for my poor english.
We will very soon build the first batch Kirby Torch We are currently in the testing of materials for vacuum infusion. We have digitized the boat and let make a mold.

 Through this technique, the new Kirby Torch will be a better boat, stiffer and faster. Both the boat and the parts will be cheaper. A complete boat similar to the XD version of the brand that I do not mention the name because of legal reasons, will be at least 1000 dollar cheaper.

For more information.

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