Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Veces Me Pregunto

On my second day at Minorca Sailing I went for a run for an hour before breakfast.

Actually it was an hour of interval training.

I have a running program that says I should do that because I want to run a half marathon later in the year.

Sometimes I wonder...

In the morning my Laser class was all about upwind sailing.

We listened to an instructor for a while and then did lots of upwind sailing.

I guess we must have done some downwind sailing too.

I learned four things that I could improve in my upwind sailing technique.

That's even better than the first day when I only learned three things.

Do I really have so many bad sailing habits?

Sometimes I wonder...

It rained a lot at lunchtime.

Then the wind came in strong from the NE.

It was honking.

The weather forecast said it would gust to 44 mph.

Yeah right!

But I chose to sail a Radial rig anyway.

Hey, I'm officially old now according to the Laser Class. A Great Grandmaster!

First time I have ever raced in a Radial rig.

And I won two of the three races.

Not counting the instructor in the races.

And not counting the extremely fast small lady sailor from the Cambridge University Sailing Team who was sailing a 4.7 rig and probably beat us all on handicap in all three races.

Maybe I should sail in a Radial more often?

Sometimes I wonder....

After that I took the beautiful Tillerwoman to S'Ancora for dinner where I enjoyed sobrada with cheese and honey on toast and then grilled sardines. I really can't remember what she had.

And then after that I felt like I need to sleep for about 16 hours but I guess it was only about 9 hours before it was time to get up for another action-packed day at Minorca Sailing.


JP said...

Yum! Grilled sardines! I'm guessing with a glass (or two) of white wine?

Sounds like a good hols despite the rain

PeconicPuffin said...

Outstanding day. Gusted to 44? You are mas macho. JP nails it with the white wine.

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