Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where am I?

1. Where am I?

2. Who (or what) is (or was) Patricia?

3. What is the name of the nearest sailing club?

4. What did Tillerwoman have for dinner?

Clue #1. Here is a photo taken at the nearby sailing club.

Clue #2. There is a love triangle in this story.

Clue #3. Every guest bedroom door in this establishment has a name on it, instead of a number. The people whose names are on the doors have something very specific in common.

Clue #4. I have no evidence that Patricia ever slept in this room, or even visited it, but she did live nearby for many years.

Clue #5. The name of this establishment might be in your Bible. Or it might not.

Clue #6. Here is something that might help you with question 4.


Deborah Mends said...

Is it at the Hotel Patricia in Citudela?

Tillerman said...

Good guess Deborah. Presumably you have been reading my recent posts and know that I was in Menorca the last two weeks. But that is not the correct answer. We didn't get to Ciutadella on this trip.

Genie said...

Is Patricia the Patricia Routledge of Keeping Up Appearances? Could this have been the location for the episode "Mind Your Head" or her dressing room at the BBC. Surely Tillerwoman would have had a Candlelight Supper with something pretentious such as caviar and champagne! Can't say about the sailing club.

Tillerman said...

Another very ingenious reply! But the Patricia was not Patricia Routledge and this was not the location where that episode of Keeping Up Appearance was filmed although, as the notice over the door implies, there were some similarities.

Tillerman said...

And Tillerwoman did not have caviar and champagne for dinner.

Tillerman said...

And Genie's answer is geographically closer to the truth than Deborah's.

Tillerman said...

Posted clue #1

Genie said...

The door handle/lock is abnormally low. Is Patricia a child, a little person or a primate? And is this person/animal a star of some sort?

Tillerman said...

LOL! You can't see the bottom of the door in the photo! The handle is at a normal height.

Patricia was a child once. Weren't we all?

She is/was not a little person. In photos I have seen of her she looks to be normal height, maybe a little above average.

Patricia is/was a primate. So am I.

I wouldn't say she is/was a "star." But some people found her attractive. And she is slightly famous/notorious.

Dave in Assonet said...

Got to get yourself one of these Laser upgrades.

Tillerman said...

Last time I checked the foil upgrade kit was about the same price as a new Laser.

Pandabonium said...

With the admonition to "Mind Your Head", Patricia's maid was tired of cleaning toilets.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing somewhere in England judging by the menu, and just found (via Google) the 'Bel and Dragon' in Cookham. Do they have rooms with individual names?

Judging by the start hut, fixed buoys and trees, maybe a sailing club on the Thames, but don't know which one.

I used to live in Bourne End, lovely place.

Cheers, Mark R.

Tillerman said...

Well done to Mark R. It was indeed 'Bel and the Dragon' in Cookham. And the sailing club is nearby on the Thames, the Cookham Reach Sailing Club.

Cookham was the home of the artist Stanley Spencer and all the bedrooms in the inn are named after subjects of his paintings. Patricia was his second wife and he painted her portrait (often in the nude) many times.

Bourne End is indeed a lovely place and not far away on the river. We used to live nearby in Maidenhead. Tillerwoman and I stayed at the 'Bel and the Dragon' for one night last Friday on our way back from Minorca to the US.

Tillerman said...


Tillerman said...

And I'm intrigued how you managed to find the answer in the Google, Mark? Was it the menu that gave it away? Or the biblical reference? (The story of Bel and the Dragon is only found in some versions of the bible.)

Anonymous said...

Not many place do a Jack O'Shea steak on a Josper Grill!

Mark R.

Tillerman said...

True. And it was delicious!

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