Saturday, September 21, 2013

La Cuchara Grasienta


What day is it?

How long have I been here?

After over a week at Minorca Sailing, time is losing all meaning. Every day is sailing and sailing and more sailing. I am losing track of what I did each day. Sailing I guess.

Last Wednesday was our fifth day at Minorca Sailing (probably.)

In the morning the coaching session was all about mark roundings (I think.)

God knows I need to improve my mark roundings.

I could write a long boring post about what I learned on Wednesday about the minutiae of rounding marks in a Laser but it would be long and boring and there are already way too many long and boring posts on this blog.

So I won't.

In the afternoon I went off and practiced on my own and I could write a long boring post about the minutiae of what I practiced but it would be long and boring and there are already way too many long and boring posts on this blog.

So I won't.

In the evening I took the beautiful Tillerwoman to dinner at the restaurant by the side of the bay in Fornells that is universally known by the instructors here as "The Greasy Spoon."

It's not really called "The Greasy Spoon."

It's not even what, back home, you would call a greasy spoon.

It's a perfectly ungreasy restaurant called Sa Nansa.

We enjoyed watching the changing colors of the clouds as the sun set and seeing the almost full moon rising over the bay.

I can't remember what we ate that day but sobrassada and fish were almost certainly involved in some way.

So was beer.

All the restaurants and bars around here seem to serve Estrella Damm beer. According to the Wikipedia (which is never wrong) it has been brewed in Barcelona since 1876 when August Küntzmann Damm founded his brewery there. And I am sure my very smart readers know that in 2007 Estrella Damm was one of the major sponsors of a sailing team called Emirates Team New Zealand, a challenger for the America's Cup that year.

I wonder what happened to them?


Baydog said...

Ummm, did they win? I think they should check the rinse additive in the dishmachine.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Looks like you've been using that spoon for something *else*, maybe? Performance additive? [kidding] hahahaa

Pandabonium said...

A Damm fine beer it is, too, I imagine.

Fellow readers, how will we retrieve Tillerman from this fantasy island? Should we? Maybe instead we should all take whatever he's taking. Sounds good to me.

Perhaps Estrella Damm beer is the Minorcan "Blue Pill"?

Tillerman said...

Fantasy? I don't think so. But I might have died and gone to heaven. Heaven must be a lot like this, I think.

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