Wednesday, November 16, 2005


What's up dude? New dollie?
No - just replacing this cracked bracket. Now I've lost a nut in the grass.
Here, I'll help you look for it.

Let me look how your outhaul is rigged.
Sure, no problem.
Hmmm. I have that line too long. Thanks. I'll fix it.

What do you think? Should I wear an extra layer under my drysuit?
Nah - forecast is for 60 degrees. You'll be fine.

Hey dude. What's that Rooster skin made of?
1mm neoprene. Here -- feel. With my hikers on top it's just right for today.

Hey - I'll move my mast so you can get your boat closer to your car.

I'll take your dollie if you want to launch now.
That's OK -- I'll hold your boat while you take both dollies.
No thanks -- I've still got a couple of things to fix.
OK -- thanks very much.

(To tailender) Hang in there M. You're doing fine.

Looking good there D.

Nice start last race. I liked the way you accelerated into that gap.

Man, you point so high. How do you do it?

Phew. That was a long race for a couple of old guys like us.

What happened to you in that race? I thought you were right up front?
Aah. I was second at the windward mark but I couldn't quite lay the mark. Then I fouled some guy when I tacked. So I retired.

I have room on you red boat.
OK, you got it.

That was unlucky. (To sailor who capsized while near the front of the fleet).

Thanks race committee. Nice job.

What's your dollie look like? I'll get it for you.
Thanks very much. I appreciate it.

After you with the hose please.

You were going well today.
Thanks M. You too.

What do you think it was blowing?
10 -12. Maybe more in the gusts.

Hi P. What a great day. You could really get some nice rides on those waves.
Yeah -- until I capsized.
Sorry to hear that. You must have been riding the edge a bit too hard.

D. wasn't here this week.
Yeah -- he said he was coming. Hope he's OK.

Need help folding that sail?
Sure. Thanks very much.

Coming next week?
You bet.


Edwin Herndon said...

I got you Bookmarked..
you visited me so I found you...

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Carol Anne said...

Gee, whether it's in Long Island Sound or in the desert, there's a lot in common in the conversations sailors have. There's the jargon that just plain sounds weird (and sometimes risque) to an outsider listening in, and the encouraging messages, and that really poignant "D. wasn't here this week. Yeah -- he said he was coming. Hope he's OK."

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, when I was a student rather than a teacher, I was asked to write an essay in which I defined the word "community." These conversations illustrate that concept vividly.

Carol Anne said...

Overheard Saturday night following the Rio Grande Sailing Club dinner at the Dam Site Restaurant:

I'm going to be lubricating some winches tonight.

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