Thursday, November 03, 2005

Living Slow

The subtitle of this blog is "live slow and sail fast". Being retired from real work it is all to easy to stay true to the living slow part. Except that, even though it's now 5 years since my official retirement, I still have a guilty conscience when I while away a day like I did today.

7am - wake up - think that if I want to go and run a 5k on the high school track I should go and do it now as later in the day the phys ed classes will be using it. Turn over and go back to sleep.

8am - wake up again. Get up and make the love of my life a cup of coffee. She looks after most of the cooking in this household so this is my token attempt to carry at least a share of the load. Sit in bed, drink coffee, read my library book.

8:30am - get up, shave, put the trash out, eat breakfast.

9am - start up the computer, read my email, read the news, read a few blogs, write one posting for my blog.

10:00am - go and fix the new gooseneck on my mast to repair the problem that sabotaged me when racing last weekend.

11:00am - surf the web for a while.

11:30am - think that if I don't do a 5k at the track I should go and do a long run before lunch instead. Decide to go running after lunch.

12:30pm - make myself a toasted cheese bagel and a cup of coffee for lunch. Watch cable news for a while. The Dems are calling the Repugs liars; the Repugs are trying to ignore them; the Pres is leaving the country; Brownie (you're doing a heck of a job Brownie) is being embarrassed by the publication of his emails about how far to roll up his sleeves to look good on TV while hundreds were dying in New Orleans; the French are revolting. Nothing new.

1:30pm - go back to the computer and while away the afternoon doing nothing much except researching portable GPS equipment and wondering if I can justify one for Lasering even if it is illegal for racing. Find cool Brit site with a sailing speed challenge.

4:00pm - think about going for a run before it gets dark. I don't.

5:00pm - practice my guitar for a while. Wish I could play better so give up.

5:30pm - write a blog post about Living Slow.

So that was about how much I produced today. My gross domestic output was a cup of coffee for my wife, 6 pop rivets in a Laser mast and a few hundred words of drivel for my blog.

Tomorrow I really must go for a run.


Carol Anne said...

Count that cup of coffee as your day's triumph. Sometime in your distant past, you earned the right to take life easy, and so long as you keep your wife happy, you can take things easy.

Besides, I'm one of those blobby, should-exercise-more types, and I get tired of the whining of the lean-hardbody types when they try to assert supreriority. You certainly shouldn't be ashamed of slacking up a bit. Hey, if I get to like you, you might show up as a bit part in my novel.

Anonymous said...

Aren't are Brit sites the best!- we have had a lot of windy days recently, and this sunday is going to be another one (great for practising the spinnaker- not!)

Claire (England)

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