Monday, March 12, 2007

Australia - Look Out!

February this year was a total zero as far as sailing is concerned. I could have gone down to Florida and sailed in three Laser masters regatta and the open midwinters but we are in the middle of a house move and there was just too much stuff to attend to in New Jersey related to the sale of our old house. Having said that we did manage to negotiate the actual sale of the house using a rented cell phone on the beach in Cabarete in January, and attempted to seal the deal with contracts faxed to a hotel fax machine that seemed to take three days to receive one contract intact. Why does the one buyer interested in the house choose to improve his offer in the one week when we were out of the country?

But next February will be different. It's official now that the 2008 Laser Masters Worlds will be held in Terrigal just north of Sydney next February. I had the pleasure of visiting Terrigal a few years ago on a business trip to Australia and stayed at a hotel right on the beach so I know it is going to be a very special experience.

Australia look out. Here comes Tillerman.


Anonymous said...


February too... most us Aussies stay in doors, because it's the middle of dropbear season :S

Tillerman said...

Yeah rightjohnsee. I was almost a victim of a nasty dropbear attack last time I was there. Vicious thing dropped right out of a eucalyptus tree and almost landed on my head. So after that I always wore Vegemite behind my ears and that seemed to keep them away.

Anonymous said...

It's gunna be great mate.

15 - 20 kt NE seabreeze every arvo is on the cards.

We will make sure you feel welcome Tillerman, no worries at all mate.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the sharks. I hear they get bigger then the lasers down there.

Mallard said...

Sharks - and stray grommits on Malibus! heh heh It'll be good to see you in the Wonder Down Under in 2008! Yay!

Anonymous said...

See you then Tillerman!

Anonymous said...

LOL...stop, I'm crying!!!

ps(please have a Tim Tam for me when you're Down Unda)

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