Friday, December 07, 2007

Fish on Fridays

My post on Ten Reasons Why Sunfish Are Better Than Lasers generated quite a lot of interest...

Scuttlebutt sent out a link to it.

Somebody posted a link to it on the Sunfish forum.

The folk on the Yahoo group for the Arizona Yacht Club started discussing it.

I received a very nice email from someone who I can only describe as one of the elder statespersons of the Sunfish class thanking me for the post.

Someone posted it on the New Orleans Yacht Club website but renamed it 10 reasons why Sunfish are better than Finns. Apparently I've been sucked into some long-running feud down there between Finn sailors and Sunfish sailors.

During the ensuing flame war, one of the Finn sailors posted more reasons why Sunfish are better...

Mostly girls sail them.
They have pretty sails.
Its funny to watch them when Finns gobble them up and crap em out.
They look cute on the beach.
No pesky Olympic sailors to compete against.
They are cheap.
Grandma, Grandpa, and 6 year old can all share the same boat.

Just kidding....we love our little sunfish friends. Just keep out of the way!

And now apparently there is a challenge to be held between the Sunfish and Finn fleets...

When: Superbowl Saturday
Where: BWYC
What: Just Bragging Rights
Two Teams (Finns and Sunfish)
9 boats to a Team.
8 Races!

Teams must be comprised of sailors from AL to LA.
Team Captains: Bad Dog and Anne Edwards!

Geeze. What have I started?


EVK4 said...

That rocks! Somebody needs to show up in a Force 5 to teach them all a lesson!

Anonymous said...

There is also a link to that post on the Sunfish Class website.

Tillerman said...

So there is.

Geeze, if these Sunfish folk keep being so nice to me I may have to reconsider my decision not to race Sunfish any more.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

I've heard of online flame wars, but this is rediculous! hahahaa.
Sounds fun. Glad some people still have a sense of humour. Thanks again.
Mal :)

JSW225 said...

Sorry I haven't been reading in a while, my powerchord for my laptop has been broken.

I thought it was understood that Sunfish are clearly better then most boats.

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