Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Sailor, Remembered

Longtime readers of this blog may remember from my first list of Top Ten Sailing Blogs a blog by the name of Stay of Execution written by Sherry Fowler. Truth is it never really was only a sailing blog, but a blog by an excellent writer who had a passion for sailing and who wrote about many other things too.

Sherry eventually retired Stay of Execution and started another blog Stay which has a very different style and which she updates much less frequently. She has married a man she met through her blogging, and is still the sailing coach at Bowdoin.

Sadly, a young man on her team, Nick Barnett, was killed in a car accident at Thanksgiving. In A Sailor, Remembered Sherry writes about Nick, what he meant to the team, the gift of "easy, visible happiness", and the "joy in the daily routine of practice".

Check it out. This lady can write. Her writing was one of the major inspirations to me in starting this blog almost three years ago. Her eulogy to Nick on her blog brings a stranger's personality to life again and almost makes me feel like I knew him.

My condolences to Sherry, the team, and all of Nick's family and friends.


EVK4 said...

I never read her blog before but hate to hear when someone so young passes away. I think Litoralis said it best in his comment on her blog ...


Carcoar Dam Sailing Club said...

That was a beautiful tribute. Thank you for letting us know about it.
Mal :)

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