Thursday, December 27, 2007

Drunk Blogging

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We surely did at the Tillerman house. All the various Tillerman sprogs and the sprog-sprog were here at various time. Vast quantities of roast beef, turkey, plum pudding, fruitcake, and wine were consumed.

Which brings me to the question of the day? Did anyone indulge in any drunk blogging over the holiday? Apparently it's becoming a well-know social phenomenon. It can be embarrassing, but it's not as bad as drunk eBaying. Yikes, fancy waking up the next day with a hangover and finding out that you'd bought a Force 5!

I'm not sure what the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Rowan Douglas Williams, the spiritual leader of my nominal faith, was imbibing over the holidays. Apparently he gave a radio interview in which he claimed that the nativity story was "nothing but a legend". C'mon Bish, stick to the script. If we can't rely on you to tell us the truth of the Christmas story we might as well all become Pastafarians or Festivusians. (Is there such a thing as drunk sermonizing?)

Anyway, if you spotted any examples of drunk blogging posts in the sailoblogosphere over the last few days, please let me know. Maybe I could even have a Top Ten Drunken Sailing Posts list?

PS No entries allowed from 1000 Days at Sea. I'm beginning to believe that friend Reid is high on something every time he posts.


Zen said...

whoa the pix of Reid threw me off , I thought I was on the wrong blog for a moment

Tim Coleman said...


your comment regarding the 'Bish' was factually incorrect.

He IS telling you like it is. There are significant parts of the nativity story that you will not find in the primary source on information, i.e. The Bible.

Check it out; no donkey, unspecified number of wise men (not kings but probably astrologers) who didn't turn up until long after the birth of Christ. The 'no-room-at-the-inn' is another myth (there is no mention of it). Joseph would have had family in Bethlehem and they probably did what all families do when more relatives arrive than expected, they make do and the stable was made habitable to give some privacy for Mary. Oh and there was no snow either.

So don't pick holes in the bloke, if your read the transcript of the interview it is clear what he is saying. Check out the text yourself. It doesn't diminish the story, the essential headline is still the same: The creator enters creation as a human. Unlikely?? Most certainly but isn't life equally unlikely? Enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

No three kings? No donkey? No snow?

What next? No Santa?

Mondale said...

I only found out about the three kings this year. I was tempted to ammend the school nativity play to include 42 wise men. I doubt the parents would have appreciated it.

Tillerman said...

Good for you mondale. Keep up the good work.

I too was indoctrinated into believing in 'no room at the inn', the three kings, and the donkey and sheep in the stable by the English state education system.

And of course I was in the school nativity play one year when I was around nine years old. I was a shepherd and had a false beard that was very ticklish. As a result apparently I was twitching my face through the whole performance much to the amusement of all the parents in the church.

I was rather envious of my friend who played the Angel Gabriel because he had some cool shiny golden wings. But I think he was chosen for the part because he was the tallest fattest kid in the whole school.

I tell you tim, after an experience like that it's going to take more than some liberal archbishop to shake my faith in sheep, donkeys, and kings.

Tim Coleman said...

Worst things have been done to the school nativity than 42 wisemen.

I think I was a shepherd a couple of times.

I think I'm not to fussed about the exact story of the nativity, there may well have been a donkey and there might have been just three wise men. It just doesn't record that level of detail in the Bible.
I think I'm more concerned about the attacks on a man of God on the basis of a 'imaginative' newspaper reporting of his interview.

Makes you wonder how the Telegraph would have reported the doings of Jesus. For example a newspaper headline on the feeding of the 5000might be: "Head of Church steels boy's lunch"

Tillerman said...

Oh Tim, please don't get me going on the Telegraph. It's much to easy a target...

I wonder how they would have reported the publication of Matthew's Gospel?

Anonymous Antioch Author Publishes Book About Dead Cult Leader

Who is Mystery Man Matthew?

Mystery Man Accused of Plagiarism by Famous Authors Mark and Q

Critics Say Antioch Plagiarist Was Not Eye Witness To Events He Describes

What Did Herod Know And When Did He Know It?

Former Wise Guys Deny Leaks That Led To Palestinian Massacre

The mind boggles... What a rag!

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