Friday, December 07, 2007

Sailing Blog Blurbs Contest

From time to time, readers tell me (usually in the comments) what they think about this blog. I've collected some of that feedback in two of the sidebars over there >>>>>>. The ones headed What the Critics Say and More Reviews. Gathered together they read a bit like those blurbs you find on the back cover of a book.

I know, I know. It's very pretentious and egocentric of me to gather random observations from the comments and flaunt them like that. Hey, what can I say?

But I've tried to be even-handed and include the (rare) note of negative criticism along with the vast number of positive notes of praise.

Indeed some of the comments about this blog are embarrassingly hyperbolic. "Best sailing blog on the planet" for example. What nonsense. But I usually reward such examples of obsequious approval by including the author's blog in my Top Ten Sailing Blogs of the year post. Flattery works.

Other comments are more ironic or even ambiguous. What am I to make of "I just blew the ice tea out of my nose" or "I would miss your blog more than toothpaste"?

Hmmm, as someone would say.

A few weeks ago Scott Adams ran a contest on his Dilbert Blog inviting his readers to submit "humorously over-the-top" blurbs for his new book STICK TO DRAWING COMICS, MONKEY-BRAIN! His suggestions of the kind of thing he was looking for included...

"I laughed so hard, one of my kidneys shook loose and I pooped it out. I can’t wait for the sequel!"

And "My acne cleared up, and I threw away the Viagra!"

The winner of his competition was..,

"'What a perfect companion for my afternoon milk bath,' I thought while picking up this little gem on my way home from work. Within the hour I had laughed myself into a neck-deep tomb of butter. My wife came in, sipping her eggnog, and topped me with meringue."

One of the runners-up was...

"This book was so good, I showed it to my wife and said, 'This is how sex is supposed to feel like.'"

Another entry was ..,

"All the brilliance and wit of a blog, but in book form for old people like you!"

You get the idea? Here is the full list of winners and runners-up.

OK. OK. I know it's taking me a long time to get to the point. Here it is...

Can you think of an outrageously funny, totally over-the-top blurb for a sailing blog? Doesn't have to be this one. I think it would be best if the quote had some nautical flavor to it. I'm sure the creative readers of Proper Course, many of them boating bloggers themselves, can do even better than Scott Adams' readers.

Go for it.


EVK4 said...

Somebody once described Rapscallion's cobwebbed blog "what Timothy Leary would write if he sailed". Or something to that effect. You could probably substitute William Burroughs into that comment successfully.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Ohh, I'm still laughing at the ones on your sidebar! "Unique brand of mutant genius..." heh heh

"If Shakespeare were here, he would be writing for us."

Mal :)

Anonymous said...


excellent blurb for me...

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