Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Things - Tillerman Revealed

1. I hate things like this because they force you to reveal too much about yourself.

2. When I was a kid I had an embarrassing incident.

3. I once had a crush on someone.

4. I have a real, but minor, flaw.

5. I have a major flaw but it is really a major virtue.

6. I had a mean nickname when I was a child.

7. Years ago I won a major honor for a certain achievement.

8. I once met a celebrity.

9. I suffer from a small adversity, but I overcame it in a funny way.

10. I just thought of some random thing that I could add to this list.

11. I admit that I always identified with that weird ancillary character on that popular TV show.

10. There is something about me that is genuine and poignant.

13. I want to express heartfelt thanks to my family for just being there that time.

14. There is a line in a certain song that always makes me cry.

15. You really don't want to know about that drug thing.

16. I could tell a story about how I stood up to authority, dwelling on descriptive details that would help it not seem like I was making myself out to be a hero even though I really am.

17. There was that time when..... no, it's too painful to tell.

18. I was the 13th man to walk on the moon.

19. One of these is completely made up.

20. I wanted to call my firstborn son Barack Hussein but my sensible, rational wife wouldn't let me.

21. There is a story that appears to expose my inept parenting while in fact highlighting my kids' precocious brilliance.

22. I wish I owned a unicorn.

23. My parents ought to be mentioned on this list.

24. I have a skill that I am proud of and I acquired it in an unexpected way.

25. There is a certain location that is my favorite place on earth.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Delightfully vague!!! lol

Andrew said...

Why the unicorn?

Pat said...

T-man could do horoscopes!

Anonymous said...

Oops Andrew. I didn't mean to reveal so much about my intimate thoughts. #22 should read, "I wish I owned one of those things that other people don't have either."

EVK4 said...

Oh man, if I did this list I would just have 1 though I might repeat it 25 times to satisfy the contractual terms.

1. I wish I were Tillerman.
25. I wish I were Tillerman.

You rock.

JP said...

Ah so true, really could relate to some of those. Don't open up too much Tillerman!

O Docker said...

Wow, it's just so deep that there are two number 10's on this list and no number 12.

Is it a denial of the zodiac and a consequent affirmation of science and reason, or is it the 12 months of the year you're defying to pass - a subtle challenge to your own mortality?

Or are you protesting the 12 regattas you have to win to get a free North Sails hat?

Your complexity just overwhelms me.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit. Now O Docker has discovered that I have a superstition about the number 12. I didn't mean to reveal that. I am mortified.

Center of Effort said...

I have a deep seated desire to buy you a unicorn but it won't fit on your laser (and it would be hard to find a pfd for it).

Anonymous said...

Please don't mention the unicorn. It's a deeply personal matter and I shouldn't have made it public. It's not fair to the unicorn.

Carol Anne said...

"... And I have a deep hatred for a particular cruciferous vegetable ..."

Anonymous said...

Oh, please don't pry into my relationship with Brassica Oleracea. It's become very complicated lately ever since my doctor... No, I mustn't go there. Much too personal.

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