Thursday, February 05, 2009


Of all people, Adam Turinas of Messing About in Sailboats has "tagged" me in one of those incredibly annoying chain letter tag games. You know those scams where you have to do something or the chain will be broken and you will have bad luck for seven years and die of cancer before midnight and poor little Emmy Lou in Tennessee will never have her wish come true or whatever. Researchers have concluded that 43.27% of all Internet traffic is wasted on such trivia.

Doesn't Adam know that I am a serious blogger and would never stoop so low as to join one of these games? Doesn't he know that this blog is for real articles of interest to serious sailors such as grammar quizzes and posts about the legal status of obscure Pacific islands?

Apparently not.

Adam's tagging thing is something about posting the 4th picture in the 4th folder from the 4th month of the 4th year of the 4th computer from the left in the 4th office in the 4th building... Who are these people that organize their photos so neatly? Folders by month by year? How anal!

Anyway Adam admitted he cheated and found a picture of his beautiful wife sailing a Topaz at Club Colonna in Antigua. For a while I thought I would upstage him and post a picture of the Tillerman sailing a Topaz at Club Colonna in Antigua. But that would be too obvious and I hate being obvious.

So instead I cheated too and chose a picture of me that betrays one of the dirty little secrets of sailing major regattas: there's almost always a lot of frigging waiting around. Here is me, all psyched up and ready to rock and roll at the Laser Masters Worlds in Hyannis in 2002. (I'm pretty sure it was before the 4th race of the regatta.) It looks like there's no wind and we're being held on shore, so there I am relaxing with a good book (about Captain Cook as I recall, the 4th book I had read that week while waiting for wind) sitting on the chair I won for coming 4th in my age division in my 4th year sailing in SANJL.

Now I'm supposed to tag four unlucky souls who have to do the same exercise or you know what will happen to the aforementioned poor little Emmy Lou. But I don't approve of these tag games so I won't.

Bah humbug.


Frankie Perussault said...

Good on you! I abhor, detest, hate, heavily dislike these damn chain mail things too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Now because of you my dreams of building my own laser out of used matchbook covers will never come true.

The O'Sheas said...

Was it Tony Horwitz's book, Blue Latitudes? Love that one.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it was.

Carol Anne said...

Pat and I just looked at our 4th folder of 2004, and the 4th picture is a winner -- no cheating required. And no, it's not a picture of the kitties.

Pat will be putting it on his blog.

Just for Emmy Lou's sake, will three other volunteers come forward to meet the challenge?

(No, we're not going to tag anyone ourselves anyway.)

PeconicPuffin said...

You play in the're gonna get wet. I got tagged by that bastard Adam as being so thin between the ears I had to have him explain the whole scam to me twice just to find out what hit me.

I'm going to do it, though.

JP said...

Great book and photo.

(see, knew someone would tag you)

Anonymous said...

I find this a bit bloody rich. I get tagged by JP who got tagged by Bonnie who go tagged by O'Docker. Not a grumble by anyone. I tag 4 people and I am the "bastard".

For that you miserable gits will be receiving all caps emails from Nigerian princes on a daily basis

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