Sunday, February 22, 2009

There are still some aspects of Facebook's TOS that bother me...


Joe said...

Oh shit, I forgot to log on to Facebook to see if I have collected any new friends. ;)

O Docker said...

I think Facebook's virtual community would be more realistic if it allowed relationships other than 'friendships'.

Besides inviting other Facebook members to be just your 'friend', you should be able to approach them and say:

- I want to be someone you can't stand but you put up with because I married your sister.

- I want to be someone you pass in the hall every day but whose name you don't know.

- I want to be someone who has a crush on you but you wouldn't consider dating in a million years.

- I want to be someone who doesn't know the difference between starboard tack and port tack, but who smiles and waves as you try to avoid a collision.

Wouldn't that make Facebook a lot more like real life?

Anonymous said...

I agree Mr Docker. We should also have...

- I remember your name from when we worked together 20 years ago, but for the life of me I can't remember your face or what the hell you did.

- I know you because you're a Laser sailing god but you don't know me.

- You're my sister's husband's mother's second cousin and I spilled wine on your dress at that wedding thirty years ago but I don't suppose you remember.

- Your last name is the same as the pseudonym I use to write my blog and you look hot.

- We used to date. Do you still hate me?

Perhaps I should start a Facebook group to discuss alternative categories of "friends"?

Pat said...

Or an alternative web site for "Enemies", rivals, trash-talking competitors, Internet Trolls, etc. -- called, of course, "Face-OffBook"

And, for the truly bashful, embarrassed, self-conscious, or unattractive, or people who just hate having their photos taken, there would be "NoFaceBook".

And, the records of all of our most embarrassing moments, stupid mistakes, attempts to sing karaoke, etc., would be on "RedFaceBook".

Politicians, the less reputable televangelists, assorted hypocrites, and perhaps the god Janus would fine themselves quite at home on "TwoFaceBook".

But, the really vain, self-indulgent, preening, narcissistic sorts would need to go over to "".

(Plastic surgery customers of course would be on and graffiti taggers would do their thing on

Smilicus said...

Facebook wastes time, but Skype even more so. I sit time and time again skyping with clients for long periods, forgetting to look at my emails that is also work related.

We must get an all-in-one site up and runnig: Facebook,Email, Skype. Then there will be no time for work anymore and nobody will worry about the recession, because the economy will be lost forever. :)

Anonymous said...

Now Twitter, that's a great use of time!

Captain John said...

Hah! You can avoid wasting time with FaceBook, and just read Tilly’s blog . . . and laugh.

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