Saturday, February 14, 2009

576 Days until the 2010 Laser Masters Worlds

Every year, the world's greatest sailboat regatta is held at a different location. The race attracts over 400 sailors ranging in age from 35 to over 65. Some of the fastest sailors in the world participate. Though it is a World Championship Regatta, for many of the entrants it is a vacation, a chance to sail somewhere new, an opportunity to meet up with old friends from around the world and have fun by totally crushing them in the races. The regatta is known as the Laser Masters World Championship, a.k.a. The Fun Worlds, to differentiate it from those boring regattas for the much-too-serious Laser sailors under 35 who are not allowed to enter the Masters. In 2010 the Laser Masters World Championship will be held at Hayling Island in the UK from 13th to 19th September.

It seems a little early to be preparing for a race that starts on September 13, 2010 but it isn't an easy regatta to get ready for. First of all you have to meet the stringent Masters Worlds qualification requirements for your country. Then there's the task of finding out when on-line entries open and making sure you sign up in time to secure a place. Last but not least you need to start working on honing your Laser racing skills.

And yes, there's the training. You are planning on racing almost every day for a week on a Laser sailing on the open ocean in potentially heavy winds. You need to know the boat backwards and forwards and be able to execute every maneuver with your eyes closed. You have to know how the boat sails in a variety of conditions that probably don't exist on your home waters. You need to be able to know and trust that you are prepared physically and mentally to deal with world-class competition in all conditions.

But mostly, you need time to really appreciate what you are about to do. Sailing is an inherently romantic activity and sailing in a world championship in the UK in September is the absolute best example of that romance. Cool weather getting cooler every day, beautiful showers, amazing fogs, perfect drizzly sailing conditions: sailing in the UK has everything. The anticipation builds and builds and then is amazingly surpassed by the experience. I have never met anyone who has not sailed in the UK who would not not do it again.

To start this incredible journey, the first step has to be taken. If you will be over 35 when the regatta starts, decide to enter. Start preparing your training plan. The race is only 576 days away, the preparation is beginning.

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Original inspiration for this post provided by 500 days until the Pacific Cup by the SF Sailing Examiner a.k.a. the EVK4 SuperBlogger.


EVK4 said...


O Docker said...

What sailor hasn't dreamed of leaving the forbidding waters of the Caribbean and setting sail for England? It's said that in the native language of Londoners, there are 200 different words for 'rain'.

yarg said...

Only 1 day until frostbiting! Though less inspirational, cultivating one's own garden offers a far easier commute.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!? Gardening isn't sailing!

Anonymous said...

I think yarg is being metaphoricalistic. He used to be an English teacher.

Andrew said...

'I have never met anyone who has not sailed in the UK who would not not do it again.' - is this metaphoricalistic too?

[By the way, how about counting down from 100 in this year's sailing counter]

Anonymous said...

No Andrew that's not metaphoricalistic. That's what is known in the grammar business as a quadruple negative.

Thanks for the countdown suggestion. I did think of that but I'd like to do something a bit more "off the wall".

Pat said...

That is, the world's greatest sailboat regatta for potentially normally positioned capsized boats? But England and sailing do go together and 400 sailors and boats in one place would be a formidable sight.

O Docker said...

" the wall..."

Is that the same 'wall' I'm thinking of?

Will Tillerman be phoning it in live while rounding the marks?

Tillerman said...

I'm pretty much always "phoning it in" these days!

JP said...

Ho ho ho!

September can be a great sailing month, with blue skies, gentle warming sun.

Or it can be a terrible one, with endless gales from the SW.

But if your a laser "master" then of course you can sail in any condition ;)

Litoralis said...

Only 1452 days until I am eligible to enter a Laser Master's Worlds.

Anonymous said...

Hi TillerMan
I think the last time there were 400 sailing boats in the one spot off England was in 1588....And the English won that 'regatta' hands that a sign of things to come ?? I really have to start training now ?...I mean, I'm not certain about Halifax NS yet !!

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