Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogging the Worlds

There are some bloggers sailing in the Laser World Championships in Canada this week. Amazing! Where do they find the time to train for a world championship and write a blog? Some of them even have full-time jobs too. More to the point how do they find the energy to go Laser racing all day and then write a blog post in the evening?

The sailors are currently split into three fleets for qualifying races so the top guys are not all racing against each other yet. Even so, blogger Clay Johnson of the US had a Great Start to the Laser Worlds with a second and a third in the two races, and is currently in fourth place overall.

Meanwhile blogger Brian Raney, also of the US, was Making a Splash capsizing in the second race.

Blogger Raul Aguayo of the Dominican Republic was kind enough to write the title of his post about Day 1 of the Worlds in English, And We're Off. The rest of the post is in Spanish but I think he's saying that he had a good first race, not so good second, but he's doing better overall than he did in Australia last year.

My favorite post of the day is from blogger Colin Cheng of Singapore, who already has one world championship to his credit: Colin won the 2006 Laser 4.7 Worlds in France besting 236 other competitors. His entire post is "colin goes to the laser worlds and finds himself too exhausted to finish this senten ".

Hang in there Colin. In anticipation of losing a day of racing to Hurricane Bill at the weekend the organizers are planning to add a third race to the schedule today. Good luck guys.

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Another blogger at the Laser Worlds is Ashley Brunning from AUS his blog is at

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