Friday, August 28, 2009

Do Old Geezers Blog?

Do old geezers blog?

Well, I do. So others might.

More specifically, are any of the sailors racing in the 2009 Laser Masters (aka Old Geezers) Worlds which starts on Sunday going to be blogging day by day about the event? I enjoyed following the recent Young Dudes Laser Worlds via the blogs of four or five of the entrants, and I posted here summaries of what they had to say along with links to their posts.

But what about the Old Geezer Laser Worlds? Are there going to be any blogs covering it?

So far the only one I am aware of is Marc Jacobi's Blog.


Tweezerman said...

Severn Sailing's David Sliom blog;

Andrew said...

Some old gits [sorry geezers] do blog, but can't get to the Worlds. Thanks for your Worlds blog round up.
Hope you find a few more old bloggers for the Masters. Geluk, Andrew

Tillerman said...

Thanks Tweezerman. And I just found another one

Tillerman said...

And another one. Kim Ferguson is writing a Masters Worlds blog on behalf of her husband Scott.

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