Monday, August 10, 2009

Regatta Coaching - The Next Dimension

Sailing coaches, take your game to the next level.

Have you ever felt confined by your Mommy Boat at a regatta? Have you ever wished you could get a better view of the sailing area? Have you ever imagined how much more effective you would be as a coach if you could hover 30 feet in the air, and see what the wind is really doing?

Now you can, thanks to the JetLev Flyer.

With the JetLev Flyer you can ascend to 30 feet in the air any time you want. Spot all the shifts and gusts that the other coaches can't see and tell your sailors what you have seen. Hover over the race committee boat at the starts and get the perfect view. Follow your sailors around the course and take superb video footage from your aerial vantage point.

Stop Dreaming! Start Flying!


jbushkey said...

Maybe the ultimate mommy boat would be a fan boat similar to the ones they drive around the swamps. Then the coach could turn and drive to the next location coincidentally as his protege was sailing by providing her/him with a gust of wind.

Mark said...

You can also use your powerful jets to swamp other coaches' boats.

Anonymous said...

An umbilical cord for the mommy boat: How appropriate!

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