Monday, August 03, 2009

Do It Later

The deadline for our Sailing Goals writing project was 14 June 2008.

Yes, 2008. 415 days ago.

So I was somewhat surprised to receive today, via email, a late entry for the project. It's from Tanzsleger, the dancing sailor, who has been lurking and commenting here for a while. He has his own blog now, Adrift and Anchored, and has written about his Goals and his Bid for the next America's Cup.


PS. Any more late entries?


mark said...

It's the early bird that gets the worm... but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Tillerman said...

Good point Mark. But Tanzsegler was the 12th mouse. I don't think he gets any cheese?

Pat said...

Darn it,was hoping to write a notably late project. Now if I can just get a Round Tuit.

O Docker said...

Oh no! I just realized I made the same mistake Promo Pens did. I was looking for 'Plumbing Courses' and I stumbled onto Proper Course.

No wonder I'm so confused by the posts here.

Can't you somehow make it clearer this blog is not about plumbing ? It's taken me a year to figure that out.

Carol Anne said...

Commentspam sometimes leads to the most amazing non sequiturs.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when the Internet was new, I was posting on message boards in the name of the cat that I had then, and I had even given him an online profile. One of the hobbies I listed for him was "solar collecting."

This description led to an elderly, obese, comfort-loving half-Angora being invited on a trip to go mountain-climbing in Bolivia to watch a solar eclipse.

I have no idea where plumbing got into your blog.

Meanwhile, I felt I absolutely had to make a comment because the verification word was so good: diskerse. Is that a dialogue carried out through exchanging computer memory media?

jbushkey said...

Tanszsegler I understand the desire to goto college. We have all had it drilled into our head. Just be careful what degree you choose. Times are changing and the degree is no longer a **guaranteed** golden ticket. Today the wrong degree or too much debt will leave you worse off financially than when you started.

Since this is this is a sailing blog let me shamelessly announce that TONIGHT I BECAME THE PROUD OWNER OF A SNARK!! As far as accomplishments go that means I currently own two boats (sunfish also) but have sailed neither LOL. That is going to change very soon :D

Carol Anne said...

Alas, our Snark is deceased, a victim of heavy snows over the winter. It was a boat that had, um, "character," as a previous owner had tried to coat it with fiberglass, but the resin had been a sort that dissolved the Styrofoam, so then duct tape was applied to keep everything together. As a bonus, someone (I don't know whether the same person who tried the fiberglass thing) stenciled a Pentecost descending dove on the sail.

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