Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Powerboat Accident

There is some very sad local news about five young people who had a powerboating accident at the weekend. Apparently two mechanics from a boating business in Portsmouth RI decided to "borrow" a boat from their employer without his knowledge and take three young women for a midnight joy ride. They ended up driving at speed into some low rocks known as Despair Island and flipping the boat which landed upside down on the rocks.

Local fire departments and rescue services were called to the site of the accident at 2am on Sunday morning. Two of the women are dead and the other three people on the boat were injured. The Rhode Island Attorney General's office is investigating.

My condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

More details here.


Antolin said...

loss of life is never funny, even the survivors will always carry the burden of that experience. we have similar events down here where folks take their fast boats at night and run into marked - lit jetties. local knowledge, lack of maturity/experience, high speeds. sad any way you look at it. my thoughts to them and their families.

Pat said...

Sorry, but just looking at the chart and wondering, were they caught between Hope and Despair?

Tillerman said...

Apparently so Pat. They should have stayed closer to Prudence.

Pat said...

Short of running into Prudence, it seems that these mariners hadn't the least notion of prudence even if they'd known a Prudence.

VW: cuttl -- a squid that won't associate with fishies

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