Friday, May 21, 2010

48 Blogs that Offer Tips on Boating Safety

Talking of boating safety (of which we seem to have been doing a lot lately) check out's post on 48 Blogs that Offer Tips on Boating Safety.


Joe said...

I've been demoted! What can I do to make it make to the favorites? Que lastima!

tillerman said...

Sorry Joe. I keep moving people between my "favorite blogs" list (only 10 blogs allowed) and the "other boating blogs" list. If it's any consolation I had to move you to make room for one of the best Laser sailors of all time, John Bertrand.

If you want to get back into the Top Ten I think your best plan would be to take up Laser sailing and race with me in San Francisco next year.

Joe said...

Now that's a challenge.

Pat said...

Coldwaterbootcamp is a great site for hypothermia and cold water shock info. Sea Kayaker magazine's blog has a whole area devoted to safety issues with many gripping stories.

And, in the USA, state boating safety organizations sponsor free boating safety classes such as the ones I sometimes help teach, and throughout the country organizations such as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and US Power Squadrons also offer classes.

Some of these classes can be found on-line. Some states require that all boaters, or boaters below a certain age, complete one of these classes. Insurance agencies also tend to look with favor on boaters who complete the classes.

Pat said...

Maybe next year Tillerman should have a "10 Best Laser Blogs" heading and another "10 Great Blogs for Normally Uninverted Boats and Mostly Warm and Dry Sailors". That would be rather akin to a sports league "expansion draft".

Will S said...

Great list! Thanks for the efforts of putting these up!

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