Friday, May 28, 2010

Useless Unless Worn

I have just started reading Jon Emmet's new book Be Your Own Sailing Coach. I will probably write a full review later but I just had to share the first page of the book. It's that image above, an ad from Britain's RNLI campaign to persuade boaters to wear their lifejackets.

Very timely in view of so much news recently of fatal boating accidents. Wouldn't it be great if every book about boating started with a reminder to people to wear their lifejackets?

If you're going on the water this weekend, be safe.


Pat said...

Estate sale: Life preserver. Never used.

Sam Chapin said...

The "Musto" that I bought used from England on E bay was only used once, she said. Never asked about what happened to the guy that didn't wear it after that.

Baydog said...

Unrelated to this particular post's topic; do you think your carbon-fiber tiller gives you an advantage over those who still sport tillers fashioned of teak or other less modern materials? The damn things are awfully light and really cool looking. Curious

Carol Anne said...

Interesting thought ... currently the New Mexico safe boating class is giving enrollees photocopied course booklets because new ones are on order. The booklets are built upon standard content, which is then customized for each state that uses this curriculum. It's probably too late this time around, but maybe next time, the New Mexico booklet COULD start with that page.

Zen said...

A couple was recovered last week from the sea...their boat was found further away.

Pat said...

Yep, the Bay Area had too many tragedies earlier this month; apparently the owners of the Ranger got caught on the south bar, so wearing life preservers wasn't enough. There was also apparently a kitesurfer who was lost recently in the bay area, and a single-hander who apparently was washed out of his harness while returning to the mainland from Catalina Island in SoCal. Plus, apparently the Thames in England has had bad things happening. Too much sadness and loss.

Dennis @ Marine Electronics said...

Seems like every year I hear of a death by boating accident in the local lake that could have been prevented if there was a lifejacket worn. We've got to keep safety in mind while out on the water.

Pat said...

Speaking of safety, here's a quiz question I put on my blog:

Sailboats have the right of way and are the "stand on vessel" when they are
(a) overtaking
(b) racing
(c) on the same tack and to windward of other sailboats
(d) meeting head on with a powerboat
(e) converging from the left with a kayak coming from the right
(f) within 100 yards and in the wind shadow of a large navy ship
(g) crossing a vessel traffic separation lane perpendicularly under sail
(h) barging next to the committee boat at a race start

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