Friday, August 27, 2010

Desperate Laser Wives

A friendly Laser sailor from Oregon emailed me this week and kindly sent me all sorts of info about Laser sailing in his area and an invitation to go sailing there one day. I might just do that.

He also sent me a link to a slideshow of photos from the 2005 Laser Masters Worlds which was held in Brazil. This was the first photo in the slideshow. (It was already captioned 'Desperate Laser Wives'. I didn't make that up. Honest dear.)

One of the beauties of the Masters Worlds is that many sailors take their wives along. Something tells me that next month at Hayling Island the desperate Laser wives won't be sunbathing under the palm trees. Bring your umbrellas ladies.


Pandabonium said...

Marlene Dietrich.... I'm just a gigolo
and everywhere I go
people know the part
I'm playing

Paid for every dance
selling each romance
every night some heart

Glad I have a two person boat and that my wife is my crew! ;^)

SFBayLaser said...

At least one Desparate in that photo won't be hiding under an umbrella at Hayling Island... she'll be sailing!

Tillerman said...

Well done Mrs. Usher and Mrs. Ferguson. I hope they are starting a trend!

Pat said...

Who runs the racing for the Laser Master and the rest of the Worlds that will be in SF bay next August?

Tillerman said...

Pat, the organization of the various Laser World Championships is handled by the International Laser Class Association but the on-site regatta management and race management is done by the host yacht club.

Just to clarify, although the main (senior/ open) world championship is often held at the same site as the Master Worlds this will not be the case in 2011. The Senior Worlds will be in Australia in December. The events in San Francisco in August 2011 are the 4.7 Worlds July 26 - Aug 2 and the Masters Worlds Aug 5-13. (4.7 is the smallest Laser rig.)

The host yacht club for the San Francisco events will be the St. Francis Yacht Club. Were you thinking of volunteering to work on the race committee?

Pat said...

It might be presumptuous to volunteer, since St. Francis no doubt already has tons of excellent race management people, but it could be a lot of fun. And, there's a chance we might already be in San Francisco around that time.

Tillerman said...

Sounds like we may have to plan a major sailing bloggers meet-up for San Francisco next August.

Tillerman said...

Or Captain (Sailing Blogger) Mainwaring in my case.

Pat said...

The pipe dream is to drive out to the Pacific NW ahead of some friends, sail around Puget Sound, the Georgia Strait, Desolation Sound, etc., then down to the Columbia River and Portland, then to San Francisco, doing some casual racing here and there and maybe helping out with some RC and just generally rendezvousing with people here and there.

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