Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Anxious

Some thoughts on the upcoming Laser Masters Worlds...

I’m a little anxious about going to the Worlds and not being where I want to be. I would have liked more practice... but maybe that’s what Masters sailing is all about. It’s a great scene.

I’m probably as fit as when I was younger, just not as flexible. Laser sailors today are more physical, and they’re faster. I’m kind of at the same level as when I was younger, but the standard has moved up.

I could have said that. It's exactly how I feel about the Laser Masters Worlds in England next month. But it wasn't me who said that. It was John Bertrand. Yes, the John Bertrand who won back-to-back Laser world championships, the Finn Gold Cup and an Olympic silver medal as a young man.

He's anxious?

What hope is there for me?

Full text of Kimball Livingston's interview with John Bertrand at Blue Planet Times.


O Docker said...

John Bertrand languished in relative obscurity for years and would probably remain there today had he not been discovered by enterprising and dedicated San Francisco sailors and then brought to the world's attention by a passionate San Francisco writer.

Tillerman said...

O Docker, JB is coaching in your area this week. If you run into him you can explain your comment in person.

O Docker said...

And not just in my area - but probably within sight of the marina.

With my uncanny timing, I'm now committed to something at home when I could be watching the Finn Worlds from O Dock.

Tillerman said...

Oh no O! I was hoping you would observe the Finn Gold Cup for me and send me detailed notes on what the wind and currents are doing each day so I can prepare my strategy for the Laser Masters Worlds next year at the same time and same place.

Now I'll just have to rely on that long article on Blue Planet which, as I recall, basically says that the correct strategy is to go right... except when it isn't.

Pandabonium said...

No matter how experienced one gets, we can always look back on the last race with regret, and the next one with apprehension.

Tillerman said...

Actually I think the moral of JB's comment about anxiety is that the more accomplished a sailor you are, the more apprehensive you may be about the next regatta because of the pressure of your own and others' expectations on you to perform well. It's clear from the context that JB's anxiety is about whether he has trained enough to do well, perhaps even win.

I, on the other hand, have no such problem. I have no worries that I will come even close to winning. I haven't even set myself a particular goal for a result. I should just be going with the mindset to have fun and maybe learn some things.

And yet... I do know how I finished in other Master Worlds. I will be disappointed if I do even worse than I have before. And these stories and videos being posted of 30 knot winds, 12 foot waves and broken Laser masts at Hayling Island don't exactly ease my concerns.

What a crazy thing to be anxious about. You stupid boy!

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