Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Sunfish

The Super Sunfish was marketed from 1974 to 1984 by AMF, the manufacturer of the better known lateen rig Sunfish. It was clearly an attempt to compete with the Laser which was introduced in 1971 and which was rapidly growing in popularity in the 70's and early 80s. Judging by Portsmouth handicap numbers the Super Sunfish was slightly slower than the Laser. There were several other Laser clones introduced around this time but none of them ever approached the Laser's worldwide success.


Baydog said...

I remember that. The hull was a standard Sunfish, it's just that the entire rig was different, right? The idea went nowhere, basically.

Moral of the story: If it ain't Brokaw, don't fix it.

Tillerman said...

Exactly Baydog. I was reminded of the boat because a local club recently hosted a Super Sunfish Sunday Regatta. Except it wasn't really a Super Sunfish regatta. It was a super regatta for Sunfish.

Then bonnnie posted a picture of a real Super Sunfish on Facebook.

Moral of the story: in the sailing world you can rarely create a successful product just by trying to copy another successful product.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, one of the Sunfish that Pat and I have is a Super Sunfish. In addition to the different rig, the hull is noticeably lighter, much easier to lug around the beach.

bonnie said...

Ours has been sold to a family in Canada who made picking it up part of a NY vacation & have reported that they are having a great time with it.

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