Monday, August 30, 2010

Jimmy Buffet Doesn't Live in Key West Any More

Dear Sir,
Your post today of the map of Florida was a sweeping generalization about the state that has the most coastline in the lower 48 and some of the best cruising grounds in North America for sailboats. And, in case you didn't know, Jimmy Buffet doesn't live in Key West any more.


Baydog said...

I think Jimmy Buffet is boring.

Pat said...

It's fairly harmless fun.

I guess there's no one perfect boat,
and there's no one perfect beat.
If perfection is what he seeks,
Is there maybe one perfect beach?

Unknown said...

A bit late but somebody should tell the dude it's conch shell not conk.

Tillerman said...

Yeah Joe, I noticed that too. It's truly amazing to me that it's now perfectly easy for someone to produce their own music video, but apparently very hard to learn to spell simple words.

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