Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Pains of Christmas


JP said...

Ho ho ho!

Well it made me smile, which is good!

Tillerman said...


I think we all recognize the funny side of some of the many "pains" we have to deal with at this time of year.

Baydog said...

It was painful clicking on this post 3 dozen times and still seeing Robbie!

bonnie said...

Ahh...12 reasons that I'm quite happy that TQ & I have decided to just take a quiet one in Brooklyn this year. Hopefully the weather will permit a nice Christmas paddle. Failing that, oh, maybe a movie & Chinese food.

bonnie said...

oh, except the Christmas carols. Sort of. I like singing those.

Listening to them on permanent repeat in the stores from the day after Halloween on...blech.

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