Friday, December 03, 2010

Sailing in Sydney

Andrew is dreaming of an escape from the frozen wastes of the Netherlands to the other side of the globe. I'm not sure if he wants to watch or participate but his dream involves 18 foot skiffs on Sydney Harbor. Fine choice.


Sam Chapin said...

They are really like Lasers. When I saw them sailing 100 years ago they had three rigs (including different masts)for different wind conditions. Sort of Full rig, Radial and 4.7.

EscapeVelocity said...

Shouldn't that pic be the other side up?

Pat said...

A fine, fine choice. But sailing in New Zealand would also be fine.

mike wise said...

18 footers are for crews too slow for real skiffs like the 12 footers. Twelves are less stable than the 18s and only have two in the crew to handle the three sails:
Now that I'm too old and slow for the twelves I sail a Laser on the other side of the Harbour Bridge from the 18s, but under the same sunny Sydney skies. In the winter series it sometime it gets below 60° F and there’s snow (230 miles away in the ski fields).

windlass said...

Indeed a nice choice. I appreciate his efforts.. :)

South Pacific Windlass

Shannon - GPS said...

Nice! Happy holidays to everyone.

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