Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Boating Blogs of 2010

Here is my own personal and idiosyncratic list of the Top Ten Boating Blogs of 2010 based entirely on my own opinion of which blogs I enjoyed reading the most.

1. Best kayaking blog on the planet - Frogma.

2. Best rowing blog on the planet - ROWING FOR PLEASURE.

3. Best boating blog on the planet written by a sailor under 18 - sailfast13.

4. Best blog on the planet about the Racing Rules of Sailing - Unruly.

5. Best hand-grenade journalism blog on the planet - Rule 69.

6. Best blog on the planet about how to sail the Laser - How to Sail the Laser.

7. Best thinking man's Laser sailing blog on the planet - Laser Sailing Notes.

8. Best sailing blog on the planet by sailors from Lake Massapoag - Apparent Wind.

9. Best boating blog on the planet by a Brit - Captain JP's Log.

10. Best in show - O Dock.



Baydog said...

Best in Show: Co-Winners, Proper Course and O Dock. And I love all the rest of you too!

Tillerman said...

Baydog - if I had room for one more then 829 southdrive would definitely make the list as best blog on the planet about sailing, food and New Jersey life.

Baydog said...

Just being bumped up to the 4B's is humbling enough. Thanks! Enough about me.

bonnie said...

Wow. Thank you once again.

Top regret of 2010 - sudden attack of don't-want-to-be-a-bother-itis that led to not lining up lunch with the Tillerfolk en route to Cape Cod.

Tillerman said...

Not to worry bonnie. I'm sure our paths will cross one day soon. Just keep on writing that fascinating blog.

O Docker said...


I think your readers will be grateful that I'm, for once, speechless.

Congrats to all of the winners!

JP said...

G'day all, Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Alas that lazy pom JP is still in bed drinking tea so its up to me to thank Mr ...... golly forget my own name yet, do know him, went on his sailing course, what was it, Tupperman? no, not quite, Tinderman? no, ... anyhow many thanks Mr T for that stupendous award.

JP is "dead chuffed" and looks forward to reading more of the ace posts from Mr T, the other nine bests and all the ripper runners up!

Sam Chapin said...

Yes, and Skipper T. not only does the best of blogs, he connects and reads all these folks.

Thank you T. for the connections.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a good list. Crazy that even though this post is 3 years old many of the blogs are still very alive and kicking today. I usually check out RV blogs but they seem to kind of stop all activity when the travelers stop moving. Great list and excellent blog, I'll definitely be back.


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