Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa is Innocent

It turns out that my post on Monday about Santa robbing a local yacht club was wrong. Police now say that the bartender made the story up.

Sorry about that Santa. I believed in you all along. Honest.

PS. The cookies and brandy are where the Christmas tree would have been if I weren't allergic to Christmas.


Baydog said...

By the looks of the picture, it's no wonder the cookies are always gone.

Pat said...

The chocolate chip cookies are almost gone at our cabin -- and there was no chemical reason for me to have the munchies.

Oh, and Carol Anne tells me I have an interesting unusual relationship with the United Kingdom. It seems from what we can figure out, that I've never ever been there but I've been from there. It's apparently a travel oddity even worse than the International Date Line.

Tillerman said...

We're all from everywhere man. We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon.

Carol Anne said...

It had to do with changing planes at Gatwick on the way to my kid brother's wedding in Prague. Because we were just changing planes, we were never cleared through Customs to enter the country. But because of construction, we were taken on a bus ride halfway around the airport, and upon reaching the building where our departure gate was, we came in through what appeared to be a service entrance. We had to go through Customs to leave the country. So Pat has left the UK but never entered it.

O Docker said...

Personally, I still think Santa did it.

After all, he's been guilty of breaking and entering for years, but what judge would throw him in the clink on Christmas eve? He must have been playing the system like this all along.

I'll bet he plea bargained down to a year's probation and was extradited to the north pole, which would explain why he spends so much time there.

Have a happy holiday, but be careful out there.

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