Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The game is over,

Yes, the February group writing project, Navigation, is now officially over. Since my last update yesterday we have had six more entries...

Zen said I believe in Duct Tape.

Captain JP said This is not a navigation post but we all know he's only kidding, (in a surrealist kind of way.)

Wavedancer reported A failure to communicate.

John from PDX asked How about this for navigation?

Bonnie is just Buoy Crazy.

And last to surface, just before midnight, was Mojo with Open Water.

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to those of you who took the trouble to send in more than one entry. I appreciate all your efforts. It would be pretty pointless running these writing projects without your support.

I will post a full list of all the entries soon and then select a short list of the best entries so you can vote to decide who will win the grand prize of Tristan Gooley's excellent new book The Natural Navigator.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Hey! You forgot 829 Southdrive! Give up some credit where it is due!

Tillerman said...

The author of 829 Southdrive is Baydog and I gave credit to both of his entries already. I mentioned the one in your link yesterday.

If I really did miss any other entries please do let me know.

JP said...

Nope, that's it ;)

The latest one just slipped in outside the deadline (phew says Tillerman no doubt)

PeconicPuffin said...

Gosh I am sorry I missed this one. Though as a knuckledragging windsurfer (navigating using one or two eyes plus wind direction) I'd have to quickly confess to being lost in the fog if the wind shifts.

They add lines electronically to football games these days to show where the first down line is. I don't see why they can't put down some compass roses on the water. That would be a big help.

Baydog said...

But they're always quick to point out that the yellow first down lines are meant as a convenience; the officials' crinkled chains are the only accurate means of measurement! Imagine how many crucial calls were ever made relying on those sticks!

Carol Anne said...

I didn't see a mention of my second entry, Why fire engines are red.

VW: barup. Some sort of belch?

Tiff said...

Is that a Marillion Lyric I spy? I still have that album on vinyl (and the means to play it)

Tillerman said...

Carol Anne, my blog maintenance android Arvin posted a link to your fire engine post on Sunday. Arvin says he's very depressed that you didn't read his post.

Tillerman said...

Tiff, you are showing your age - or I am?

Marillion did indeed have the line "The game is over" in Script for a Jester's Tears which came out in 1983.

But I was quoting from Overs which was the 4th track on side 1 of Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends which was released in 1968. In case you hadn't noticed, all the titles of my recent posts have been lines from S&G songs.

Perhaps Script for a Jester's Tears was a neo-progressive post-modernist homage to Bookends?

Tiff said...

Didn't know the S&G stuff - before my time. Age is a funny thing. You might consider me a mere stripling (I'm 40 in a couple of weeks) but to most of my team here at work I'm 'the old man' one of them was born the year I left school.
All my favourite albums are 20 years old now, and I've sold the windsurf gear and am saving up for a 'real' boat - one with a keel so I can take the wife and kids out.

Fred said...

Uhh, yes, I missed this one as well. Have been away, sailing...on ice.

"I survived the Blizzard", that is one sticker an American DN friend had designed for us who did!

DN WC in Germany, 3 years ago on the lake Mueritz. A sudden snow storm (Blizzard) on the 4km homestretch from the race area. Sailors gathered into small groups of 5-10 slowly tacking to windward within eye sight. But the wind must have shifted. Arrived at an unknown shoreside. Found a light in the distance. A house. Walked there and asked for directions. Snow got higher every minute. After pushing the loaden boats (runners and sails and spares) through deep fluffy snow we arrived at the "campsite" at around 08.00h pm in the dark. The last group of the missing Iceboaters. Others had better directions with built in compass in watches or local knowledge. You can get lost without navigation even on the Ice on a lake but everyone survived the Blizzard.

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